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 The dental implant will be more and more people accept

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: The dental implant will be more and more people accept   Fri May 18, 2012 4:34 pm

The dental implant will be more and more people accept

Do not look down upon the teeth, the teeth will directly determine the level of quality of dental curing light life. There is a saying: like teeth appetite. Thereby protecting the teeth, and regular inspection, timely treatment to defects in teeth, is necessary.

The dental implant is called following the primary teeth, permanent teeth, and human vice teeth. For many people, this is not a new term. A metal nail implanted in defects in tooth part of the gums, and then installs on metal or porcelain teeth and restores root canal endodontic chewing function, but also natural beauty.

Last weekend, theConferenceCenterof theUniversity Avenuein the dental hospital outpatient department, a world-class on the cultivation of dental clinical application of Oral Implant logy Symposium attracted the attention of domestic and international electric toothbrush dental experts.

Can this method need to be artificially This is healthy teeth grinding is small, a great pity, but because the denture itself need to rely on both ends of the natural tooth porcelain bridge support, so eating, dentures withstand the chewing pressure will pass to the porcelain the two ends of the bridge, adding to the burden of natural teeth.

Two natural teeth have been grinding small, coupled with more pressure for a long time it may be prone to problems, impact dentures life; when they can no longer dental scalers afford to support the task of dentures, you need to continue to find support points of adjacent teeth.

In the past, patients with full mouth teeth fall out Dental implant is accepted by more and more people or can not find healthy teeth "borrowing"; because they can not build porcelain bridge can only be fitted dentures. Dentures in appearance comfort, masticatory function is not satisfactory, and the dental implant has a choice for these dental instruments patients.

However, at home, dental implant penetration rate is not high, but the number of dental implant 100 000. InKorea, Europe andAmerica, the dental implant has long been normal patients. Such as in South Korea, population 40 million, but the number of dental implant in 2008 up to 600,000.

Dental implant penetration is not high, expensive, on the one hand, the dental implant materials rely entirely on imports, a dental implant is What are the complications of dental implants may occur frequently necessary to million last year, has conducted a survey, people fear is the primary cause of dental pain . Followed by price.
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The dental implant will be more and more people accept
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