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 Mint Cosmetics Falling Off The Consumer Map?

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Mint Cosmetics Falling Off The Consumer Map?   Mon May 28, 2012 4:29 pm

Mint Cosmetics Falling Off The Consumer Map?

If you would have been keeping a tab on the teeth whitening industry for dental equipment long, you would know that the best products on the shelves of online vendors were indeed the conventional teeth whitening kits and not the new entrants. While some of the newer products that had broken in into the mainstream scene for tooth bleaching had made a promising run as far as sales were concerned, their early sheen is running off fast, as results and reviews are turning out of favour for dental handpiece these products.

The one leading the race in the pack is mint cosmetics – which has been pretty much a constant sceptical pointer for critics that are dead against replacing the cleansing agent with milder, ineffective replacements. While most of the conventional kits used hydrogen peroxide, the zero peroxide approach used by the Mint cosmetics labels used sodium bicarbonate instead. The milder agent of the two, these were purported to be the counter for cleansing agents spilling on to gums or teeth and thereby causing discomfort to the air syringe users, especially people with sensitive dentures.

However, this argument (or popular gimmick, as critics are now calling it) has fallen flat on its face. This is mainly because most of the products that offer tooth whitening at home also offer this in record time. So while home teeth whitening kits that have been using the hydrogen peroxide formulae have been using the time and affordability as USPs to get the consumers to flock in instead of visiting cosmetic dentists, this strategy is not working with dental articulator Mint cosmetics or crest white strips.

Why? Well, mainly because neither is neither Mint cosmetics affordable nor do they offer effective results in a short period of time. While conventional kits cost around $100 per kit, these products are worth almost triple that amount, if not more. Add to this the mild cleansing agent, and you will know (as an obvious corollary) that the time taken to cleanse your enamel for a perfect smile will be dental lab equipment unnecessarily long. Not only does sodium bicarbonate take a lot of time to clean up, but it also costs more, as you are forced to buy more dosages of the same product, unlike with other conventional kits.

The final nail in the coffin of these ‘unique' products is the fact that while mint cosmetics tries to thrive on the fact that people usually suffer from coarser cleansing agents because of spillage, the modern-day moulds and tooth guards used by the established teeth dental apex locator whitening kits do not leave any room for error.
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Mint Cosmetics Falling Off The Consumer Map?
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