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 Reasons for the Yellow Teeth

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Reasons for the Yellow Teeth   Mon Jun 18, 2012 1:46 pm

Reasons for the Yellow Teeth

Yellow teeth will cause a lot of dental equipment bad influence in life and in social activities. Turning yellow teeth has a lot of reasons, the following will introduce the four big bad habit that will turning to yellow teeth. A mouth of white teeth is everybody's dream. Instead, if your teeth yellow, the dental handpiece impression that you give to people will greatly discount. Investigation shows, there are four bad habits will make people's teeth become yellow slowly. Let's see what's the reason.

Drinking black tea or dark tea. There are a lot of tea air syringe polyphenols oxide, long-term drinking tea, can let the teeth become yellow. Research found that black tea in the tea polyphenols oxide supreme, and dark tea next, puer tea in the tea polyphenols, barley oxide content minimum, you can safely drink. In addition, cook tea time grow more, the role of the oxide is less. In order to ensure a mouth of teeth whitening machine white teeth, you may be extended cook tea time appropriately.

Eat curry. The latest "teeth dyeing list" on, the main components of the curry turmeric more than nicotine, ranking first, the biggest influence on teeth color. Research points out, the dyeing effect of the teeth turmeric almost irreversible, is worthy of the name "white teeth buster". If you really like that feeling steady, suggest you select dyeing force the weak dental lab equipment green curry, avoid force strong red curry and yellow curry.

Drinks mineral water. Fluorine on one hand can increase the teeth enamel, make it stronger, on the other hand, still can make teeth gradually become yellow. Mineral water contains a lot of fluorine elements, drink too much, can let your teeth become yellow. Dental experts dental apex locator advise: each person every day at least 1000 milliliter drink water, mineral water intake of not more than 300 ml, leaving 700 ml, can drink water or boiling water.

Drink coke.Coke components are the syrup and carbon dioxide gas, drink too much, can make candy calm on tooth surface, and make the color black. A study found that if everyday drink 1 l coke, two years after the enamel of tooth surfaces will be acid corrosion off half. On the carbonated soft drinks, brunet coke teeth to damage dental ultrasonic scalers the largest, orange soda next, generally speaking, the color is more shallow drinks as safe, suggest you choose transparent color of the Sprite!
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Reasons for the Yellow Teeth
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