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 TaylorMade R11S driver make me crazy!

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: TaylorMade R11S driver make me crazy!   Mon Jul 02, 2012 9:17 am

TaylorMade is the golf equipment manufacturing Corporation which is on the top of the list ever since it has been acquired by addidas. The TaylorMade R11S Driver has been challenged by the launch of Ping G20 Irons from PING Corporation of manufacturing golf equipments.

The TaylorMade R11S Driver is a golfer’s dream come true; it’s the realization of every ounce of innovation, adjustability, and performance we could package in a bigger, more aerodynamic, white clubhead. When TaylorMade sells distance, it can come with a requisite eyeroll, especially if you take their promises of "20 more yards" year after year at face value. But once you realize taylormade r11s price they're couching their claims based on tuning the club to your swing, fitting you properly and adjusting the head to maximize performance, it makes all the more sense. Adjustable Sole Plate technology allows the decoupling of loft and face angle by using a sole plate to adjust face angle independent of loft sleeve setting. Very simply, that means you can adjust the face angle independently of the loft, and vice versa. The five face angles made possible by the improved ASP Technology of the TaylorMade R11S Driver price are neutral, slightly open, open, slightly closed and closed.

“The R11S is the realization of every ounce of innovation, adjustability and performance we could package in a bigger, more aerodynamic clubhead,” says Sean Toulon, executive vice president at TaylorMade. “And with the proper fitting, we know golfers of all skill levels will be longer and straighter off the tee.”
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TaylorMade R11S driver make me crazy!
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